Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing Subject Lines

How to Personalize Your Email Subject Lines

How do I personalize my email campaigns?

How to Make Email Subject Lines Relevant

7 Tips for Writing Email Subject Lines that Work

  1. AVOID ALL CAPS subject lines, please — This will get you nothing but spam-tagged emails. Be aware of when to use capital letters to gain the attention of your subscribers. A lot of people perceive all caps as unprofessional and often associate it with being yelled at. Studies show that most email readers prefer emails written in lowercase letters. When in doubt, it’s advisable to run a spam checker tool to make sure that your emails are on the safe side.
  2. Be concise — Not all email recipients check and read every single email they receive. Composing a direct and clear message gives you a better chance of cutting through the inbox noise and gaining the attention of recipients with a short attention span. This type of reader usually scans emails very quickly and only stops to read the ones that appear to be important. Your goal is to write a subject line that stands out as important and/or a must-read.
  3. Be transparent — Let them know your email’s content quickly. Don’t confuse your readers and never promise something you can’t deliver or you will lose your audience’s trust in the blink of an eye.



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